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I’m currently 16.5 weeks pregnant with my first and I’m so excited I’d love to make more mom friends for advice and just to talk to as I’m by myself while my husband works and I crave human interaction lol I’m due October 26th and would love to see who else shares the due date! Add my snap if you’d like /baconbit007
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My advice is to go on as many dates while you’re still pregnant! My husband and I spent every spare second he had going to the park, Marina, shopping, dinner dates, mini golf and so much more. Trust it’ll be so sweet to look back on and it’ll just remind you of the beautiful life that you guys had before and the beautiful life that you will soon have♥️

@Monica he’s only off on weekends but we definitely make the most of them even trying to talk him into walking with me😂

Hey there! Not exactly the same date but I'm due Oct 25 so very close!

@Mary Kathrine that’s still so close!

You can always chat with me! I’m looking for the same thing

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