Positive or perimenopause?

This my test today , the faint line I'm getting has me obsessed with testing now .
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Why perimenopause?

People have said cause of my age it could be that cause I'm getting faint lines on all my tests

@Kirstie oh I didn’t realise this was possible. Can I ask how old you are please. I’ve just had 2 miscarriages. I’m older and have been worried I might be in perimenopause

Neither did I until I joined peanut lol . I'm 53 . No symptoms of anything at all

It looks positive to me! But I’m clueless about positives with perimenopause?! Blood test I’d suggest!

My mum thought she was perimenopause, but it was me 🤣🤣

Diana oh god 😄 🤣 😂 did she get faint line too

@Kirstie she actually didn’t get a line at all! Her test was negative but ultrasound showed me happy and growing healthy 🤣 she was around 4/5 months pregnant

@Diana oh wow that’s incredible.

Diana wow shows anything is possible

Omg still getting lines?? Did you speak to your doc about bloods yet?

@🔮Angela🔮 yup still getting them

Highly recommend going to the GP if you haven’t already for how long you’ve been faint lines x

Yaz yes I will do as that's been a month now getting faint lines every day x

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