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Anyone else getting fed up of the house being a tip everyday. I actually hate my house so that doesn’t help, but I am really getting annoyed with the constant mess my kids and partner leave, I’m up at 6am with the baby, feeding the 4yo at 7am and doing the dishes and washing (it never ends) then it’s hoovering more washing, sorting out the dogs, and chasing the 4yo around trying to stop him from destroying the lounge and himself. He loves to climb and jump no sense of danger. My 10yo can’t be bothered to even bring me her dirty washing let alone help me clean the kitchen. My bedroom looks like a shirt cannon exploded because I spend all my time cleaning downstairs that I don’t get to do my room, I literally just want to walk around with bin bags and bin the whole contents of the house. Sorry just ranting more than anything I’m just so fed up of feeling uncomfortable and unappreciated in my house.
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Sorry but why isn’t the 10yr old doing chores? You should be getting her to not only put her own clothes in the wash but also her siblings. She should have set chores that are delegated to her. She can also do the washing or put dishes in the dishwasher (if you have one). Why isn’t the partner helping out? Have you voiced it to him?

She has set chores, she just either ‘forgets’ or does half a job. I never had this issue with my oldest who’s out the house now, she is so sassy and lazy, even if I take things off her or ground her she just doesn’t care. My partner has just started a new job working nights so I’m giving him time to adjust, but he has a bad habit of leaving his stuff lying around. It winds me up so much, I have spoken to him and her, it’s like they wait for me to totally lose it before they pull their finger out, it just makes me feel so unmotivated

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