Anyone else’s baby still in bedroom with use my daughter is still in our bedroom I just can’t be away from her I even stay in bedroom at night when she’s asleep and watch tv just the thought of leaving her alone makes me so anxious 🙈
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I’m a big believer of carrying on doing what feels right for you xx

We moved our LO at 6.5 months as he was outgrowing his next to me rapidly! It took me over a week of saying "we'll do it tonight" for me to actually do it! For us it was the best decision and we all slept better through the night. But if you don't feel ready then don't make the transition yet 😊 I know friends who co-slept for 2.5 years and then transitioned and never had a problem. So it's definitely not a one size fits all situation 😊xx

My little girl is 9 months old on Tuesday and she’s still in my room with me 🥰 don’t put her in her own room until you feel ready to, regardless to what anyone else says or does x

My little girl is still in my room, some nights we co-sleep others she’s in her cot . What ever makes you feel more comfortable you do what’s best for you both! 🩷

I’ve totally got my little girl in a cot without the side next to me 😆 I just can’t be away from her and vice versa lol

Awww I’m so happy I ain’t on my own I don’t think I ever be ready for her being in her own room she has her cot in our room next to my side of the bed I just can’t sleep at night at all always looking at her I have about 3hours a night 🙈 I do think I’m suffering with postnatal anxiety really bad I’m just so scared of loosing her 🥲 xx

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