My copper IUD broke??

It's been a whirlwind of activity since we moved (accidentally) to a 3rd floor apartment. Trying to keep the kids quiet and visiting playgrounds. The first week here, I had a piece of my copper IUD in my undies on my pad! I noted it mentally, but I didn't take a picture or save it. Obviously I wasn't thinking about the implications of this. Then 2ish weeks later, I went toilet before driving to a birthday party. And something came out that looked like a shoelace of some kind. It was mostly red and a little bit white spotted. At the time I thought it was my IUD strings. But on a Google search, the lose are much smaller and blue. I've made an appointment for next Wednesday with my OB. But now I'm realizing that I might have some damage to my reproductive organs from this broken IUD??? Also I googled this and nothing comes up. Leaving more questions than answers. Thoughts?
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Idk but that's scary!

Can you get in to be seen any sooner?

Never occurred to me that the IUD can come apart and slips out. I'd seek ob assistance pronto.

I’ve never heard of that but it is worrying. Nothing else inside of you would come out like a piece of string so it must be that. I’d steer clear from sex as well or use condoms because unless you want a baby you might not be fully protected if it’s breaking down it might not be fully efficient anymore. Why do you say you may have damage to reproductive organs? Just curious because I’ve not heard that happen from anyone with an IUD before and I also wasn’t told that was a possibility by my doctors

Should I? I mean it's already been a while and honestly I don't have anyone to keep the kids. My husband works alot right now. And I'm not in pain. But I'm also not sure how serious I should be taking this.

I realized that I've been experiencing mild discomfort in my abdomen brought on by moving. So I've arranged a sibling to watch my kids, if I can do a walk in tomorrow.

Good luck, hope it goes okay

Have you thought about going to the emergency room

So they did an ultrasound and according to's not broken. Which had me feeling completely and utterly embarrassed and humiliated. Because I was so sure about this memory of seeing it broken. I spent the afternoon completely frozen and recovering. I'm still asking for it to be removed, because maybe it's a sign from God to get it out. I had been praying for God to show me if I should keep it or get it removed. It's so embarrassing to be telling people that something is broken, and then its not!

Always better to get it check though! Don’t feel embarrassed:)

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