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Hi all So my little girl is 10 months old now. She went through a period where she ate really well and managed the meals were having but made safe. However in recent weeks we are back to pouches are the only thing that will do! I have massive mum guilt that she's not having these fabulous meals I see people posting and im worried she isn't progressing with weaning as she should. She has got 1 tooth and I suspect some will be down to weaning but if anyone has any tips I'd appreciate it! Also if I'm over reacting I'd also appreciate being told that haha! I just want her to do well 😂 x
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Going through the exact same with my LG atm. She will only eat certain things like fruit pouches and yogurt. I'm hoping it's teething as she was doing so well with eating xx

Same, 10 months, 1 tooth and really picky with food suddenly to the point of not eating at all for some meals. Not drinking that much milk either to compensate so I’m finding I’m getting really frustrated🤦🏽‍♀️

In exactly the same boat She's been poorly and now has 3 almost 4 teeth. Then she ate really well for a few days and now back to will only eat yoghurt. I had her HV review yesterday and she said not to stress it'll all work out in the end lol

Thanks all that's helpful to know! Glad the health visitors weren't too concerned. I have some fabulous mum friends whose babies eat so so well and I think that's where my mum guilt comes from!!! Xx

@Hollie Sutcliffe yup same feels like it's just my baby but in reality it's not. They'll find their rhythm soon xx

@Shay I'm in the same boat. This morning she took 1 oz and refused. Just getting that 1 oz into her was a nightmare. Teething stuff and calpol doesn't seem to help. Plus she won't drink water 😫😫😫 when will this end 😢

I think as long as she is fed and happy then you’re doing a great job 😊 it’s easily done but try not to compare. BLW still terrifies me, he does have some finger food but because he is yet to cut a tooth he still takes really big bits and ends up gagging. I rely on mashed up foods/ pouches. I felt the same at one point thinking he wasn’t progressing as well and my nan said to me that it was only jars available when her children were young and they didn’t have things like toast until they were around 1 or older and they eat just fine as children and adults 😂

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