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My little boy is starting pre-school soon and I will have to provide packed lunches. Does anyone have any recommendations on a good lunch box. He’s a bit fussy with food so probably going to try and do lots of little bits so looking at a lunch box that has a few compartments! Thanks x
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I also use the same lunchbox for my just turned 3 year old girl! She loves all the little compartments and lifting the bits up to find treats! We do snacky bits mostly- a mix of shaped sarnies, mixed bag of different crisps (she loves skips, wotsits and veggie straws mixed up) with some chopped fruit, yogurt, Mini pepperami, chooped or shaped cheese, mini sausages and sausage rolls with a chopped boiled egg and little pots of sauce to dip in. Or a pasta salad (but the little moo picks out the salad 🤣🤦🏻‍♀️) and always a treat- some mini chocolate fingers, homemade cookies or muffins, or sweets made from fruit. She did ask for raisins as she sees other kids with them but I tried and she wasn’t keen. Sometimes I cook extra fish fingers etc too and chuck them in too. Also tried cold pizza and she wasn’t too keen. Really is an experiment for the first few weeks to see what they do and don’t eat. I often ask what the other kids are having and if she would like to try something new x

Ah thanks so much for that - he is a little monkey and eats something one day and then doesn’t want to know the next day…toddlers eh?! 🤣🤣 x

Such fun aren’t they 🤣🤣

We use this one ! Have a very fussy girl, plain pasta, carrots, a yoghurt, hummus, breadsticks most days!

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