Bump on head after fall

My 6 month baby girl had a fall today, she rolled vigorously from our bed during a co sleep and thumped her head on the carpet floor. I feel terrible 😢. She’s only been co sleeping with us as she’s teething and won’t sleep on her own at the moment. There’s been no change in her behaviour and no obvious symptoms apart from this red bump. Need some advice. Please be nice, I already feel dreadful about it.
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Only because there's an obvious injury I'd seek advice from 111. They'll likely tell you to monitor but best to check as may need further assessment. Is the injury bigger than 5cm? x

Please take her to the ED. She may have fractures despite no symptoms

@Ellie not bigger than 5 cm around 2cm x 2cm. Thanks for the advice on 111

@Cynthia it’s the right thing to do, I just have a lot of hospital associated trauma that makes it feel difficult to go, but of course I need to do the best thing for her.

Aw bless her 🥺 they all have falls don’t feel terrible! I would get her checked though just because it has come out in a bump. Hope everything’s okay xx

@Amelia thanks, really needed to hear that, I just feel like the worst Mum. x

Ouch. It happens don’t worry! By looking at the injury I think a trip to the ER would be a good idea just to get her checked out. Hope all is well.

Take her to the hospital and look into safe cosleeping. If done properly, this kind of thing shouldn’t happen. And take a deep breath… it’s a challenging time!

You’re doing an amazing job mum! Don’t get yourself down about it! Deffo give 111 a call, they will advise you the best route! I’m sure your doing already but keep close eye make sure little one is still wetting nappy and feeding okay!🫶🏼

Aww poor little lady, don’t beat yourself up. Me and my girl have co slept since she outgrew her next to me, my partner sleeps in a separate bed, our bed is against the wall and she sleeps wall side. Your doing fab 😁

Hospital! Needs to be checked internally!

Hopefully it’s just rug burn! But being so little I’d take her to get checked for peace of mind if you feel a bump. Theyre very resilient, I’m sure she’s ok!

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