Anyone else’s baby grabbing the spoon?
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How old is your baby?

@Gabriela Mirro she’ll be 5 months on the 21st

YES to grabbing the spoon. This could be a video of my kiddo. He was five months yesterday.

@Alexandra it’s not too early right? We got the go ahead at her 4 month check up and she’s just been going to town and then getting made when it’s all gone.

My baby loves to grab the spoon. I keep two because she wants to eat faster than I can serve 😭

@Sabirah my daughter kicks her feet when I’m “going too slow”

my baby grabbed the spoon and stabbed it down his throat once 😅 i sh!t myself but didn’t realize he would do that 😂

@Debbie !! That’s I’m scared of

Yes! My baby loves to grab the spoon. It's so cute but I keep holding it so he doesn't hurt himself

@Lexus same here. It’s funny to me when I take “too long” for another bite she’ll scream and kick her legs.

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