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I went to my appointment earlier this week, and we have 3 doctors we see on rotation, and i was super excited about going because i was gonna get to see my favorite doctor. When he came into the room he asked me how i was doing and i told him i was exhausted, and he goes well what do you expect in the most annoyed tone. Mind you, i have a 6 month old, and we had a whoopsie so im having Irish twins, yay, but the whole time im there he’s forcing his opinion on me in regards to birth control which i don’t want because my body doesn’t react well with it and quite frankly im about to be in my 30s and i dont want anymore children, and he was absolutely opposed to listening to me talk about wanting to snip tie remove do whatever to my tubes. Like, isn’t it about what i want? Between my partner and i, this will be our 3 kid, and we don’t want anymore. Sorry for the long rant, no one else seems to understand how frustrating it is to have a doctor that seems judgy and doesn’t listen to what you want as a patient
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This is exactly why I’m so quick to switch doctors, sorry you have to go through that, it’s extremely frustrating

@Taniya Smith what’s crazy is the asshole last time has been so nice this go round. Like, i understand having babies back to back is not ideal, but it wasn’t planned. And he just basically made me feel like shit for it.

@Megan right not ideal but definitely not his place to tell you what you should and shouldn’t do in regards to getting your tubes tied

We have been having babies back to back for thousands of years. it's fairly common/ normal. we know our bodies better than anyone else shouldn't be ridiculed for how many kids we want nor the age gaps we choose or don't

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