Is eating this okay?

My partner pick this up on the way home, i totally forgot that it has alcohol in it, it says on the back 0.23% v/v is that okay? I feel so guilty about having some ☹️
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It’s personal preference, I would say not an issue, it’s a tiny amount, I had at tiramisu dessert during pregnancy and I considered it to be of no harm. I think it’s more around if you’re drinking large volumes of alcohol with a reasonable ABV. Don’t guilt yourself but equally if it’s going to play on your mind for the whole of your pregnancy, then maybe it’s best you have a hard boundary to save any stress. Xxx

@Ness I agree with this

If it helps at all, non- alcoholic beer is 0.5% for comparison

It's such a small amount, it's ok. I had a cocktail before I found out I was pregnant. I just wouldn't recommend anymore

There's more alcohol in things like orange juice and bread so as a one off it'll be fine x

Can definitely relate to. I had 2 chocolates with alcohol when I was pregnant, then felt guilty about it. The % of alcohol is very low, so it should be fine. The amount which might get into the placenta is also little. Just don’t eat it again. The general advice is to not have alcohol during pregnancy.

Yes completely fine .. Hope it was delicious 🤤 😍

I would tear that up lol

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