Did anyone decline the 12 or 20 week scan?
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How come you would want to decline it if you don’t mind me asking? The 12 week scan is your dating scan so tells you when baby’s due date would be/one or multiple babies etc. The 20 week scan is your anomaly scan which is important for detecting, as the name suggests, any anomalies with baby so that you and your consultant/midwife/whoever can best be prepared. And this is when you can find out the gender (if you want). You can decline the downs, edwards and I always forget the other one, check that they do at your 12 week scan - they do that by taking your bloods anyway and measuring the fluid behind baby’s neck from the scan, if this is something you’re concerned about. These two scans are I feel the minimum you should have when you’re pregnant, for your health and wellbeing and for baby. It’s also really amazing to see

I haven't personally but I know people who have because not everyone wants scans as they're not the best for babies. It depends on the midwives you have some will give you issues but technically they can't force you to do anything if you don't want to.

It’s reckless and dangerous to decline, but always someone’s right to do so. Two scans during pregnancy are also not harmful to the baby in any way. To answer the question though, I haven’t come across anyone who has declined.

i mean no i would not recommend declining the 2 important scans, if i didn’t have my scans i wouldn’t of known my babies birth defect and that would of been a life threatening for him if i didn’t know during pregnancy and prepared going to the right hospital and surgeons. i had scans every 2-3 weeks and i have a super healthy boy now.

No those two scans are very important

I was only asking if anyone had not why or why not

@Georgina I’m not convinced that the scans come without risks. But I’m not trying to persuade anyone either way, and obviously that is a decision each person has to make based on their own medical situation. I was simply asking if anyone had declined them

@Emma I appreciate that it’s your decision, that’s why I was trying to make you aware why I personally feel these two scans are the minimum you should get whilst pregnant due to the importance of them and incase you weren’t aware of what these two scans entail. Two scans won’t bring much risk at all to your pregnancy - many women get more scans (including myself) and have perfectly healthy babies. Nobody can force you to do something you don’t want to do, and ultimately it is your decision. However I think the risk of not having a scan is greater than the risk of having one

Women were having kids long before scans. Women are still having babies in countries with no access to scans. So women should do what they feel is right for them and their bodies

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