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Question… if you recently split from bd (I say recently being during pregnancy and lo is now 10mo) do you buy a gift for bd’s birthday from lo and if so any suggestions please? Tbh I can’t stand him atm but his birthday is coming up and lo is small so does he “get him a gift”?
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I didn't. I'm a single mother, doing it all without him. Was not going to waste time and energy on that personally... I'll help my son buy bday gifts when he's older and wants to though! Do what feels right for you x

I won't be doing cards/gifts until she's old enough to actually pick them herself.

I do gifts for Father’s Day/birthday making an effort for my son x

Thanks all 😊 I’m just also worried he gets something for me on my birthday and then I’ll feel rubbish

Do you guys have a good/okay relationship? At first my bd didn’t get me anything but I did him, as he’s seen me making an effort he does the same back now. X

me & my bd have a goodish relationship cause he’s involved & keeps to his agreement so i did end up buying him birthday presents & will also get him some stuff for father day! he got me stuff for mothers day so all willing he keeps up the effort & i get stuff for my bday too 😂

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