Breast pump hands free electric

Any recommendations for pumps? I want something that’s easy to clean sick of washing up and using the massive tommee tippee steriliser it takes ages need something quick and easy so I can get back to baby
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Show your support I use these and they’re so easy. Amazon also do ££ or % off them too making them affordable. Just put them in your bra and go about doing what you need to do. You only need to sterilise the parts once at the start of the day and then you just wash the components with mild water and soap after each use

My hands free recommendation is Baby Buddha with wearable cups. But no such thing as an easy to clean breast pump, they all come with basically the same parts…

Momcozy been really good

@Fatimah how do you clean wash and sterilise in big sterlier?

@kelly I put them in warm soapy water and then sterilize them in dr brown sterilizer

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