Reverse cycling

I’ve just started doing some KIT days at work and my previously ebf baby (6.5 months) is only taking very small feeds! We initially started my little one on tomme tippee bottles with expressed milk but she wasn’t keen, then we tried an open cup and then an open cup with a straw but still no luck! We’ve had more success with the lansinoh bottles and she does take milk from it, but when my mum has tried to feed her she’ll only take 20mls each feed. I’m concerned that she is not taking large quantities of milk throughout the day. Today I left for work at 7:30am and returned at 2pm and she barely took an ounce of milk throughout the time I was gone (feeding just before I left and as soon as I returned). She has had solids during the day but only after she had refused a feed. My question is if there are any mamas out there that have been through the same and have been able to get their little one to take bigger quantities whilst they are away or if reverse cycling is safe at this age? I have a full day at work next week so really worried she might not have hardly any milk for 7+ hours ☹️
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Also to add, my little girl feeds on demand throughout the day, could be as often as hourly but sometimes every three hours. She’s very much a snacker as sometimes feeds only last 2-3 mins!

Reverse cycling is safe and very normal when you’re away. My baby has reverse cycled since 4 months old. Not because I’ve ever been away from him but because he’s so bloody nosey 😂 He takes the bulk of his milk overnight and ‘snacks’ throughout the day. Think of it like all that matters is babies overall milk intake in 24 hours - it doesn’t matter if that’s taken in the day or night. If baby slept 10 hours through the night at this age you wouldn’t wake them, think of the ‘through the night’ as the time you’re at work. It will mean baby will feed a lot more often during the night but if you’re okay with that then it’s totally fine x

@Yasmin thank you so much, this really puts my mind at ease! I’d never considered it as total quantity over 24 hours! We cosleep so happy to have her latched pretty much all night if that means she gets her milk intake! 🤣x

My girl has always been like that too. She was EBF for 4 months. Wr then struggled to get her onto a bottle. It took us a good few weeks before she did. We tried soo many! When she finally did, she was only snacking, very little very often. Sometimes only 10 or 20ml. Sometimes she still does it. Once she was changed to a bottle she started waking up at night and having pretty much most of her bottles/calories at night. She takes big feeds at night. We've tried everything reverse it but it's not working so we've just come to accept it now. It doesn't bother (too much) now :)

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