Is anyone else having awful cramps that come and go throughout the day. I am 6+2 and they are like period cramps. No bleeding or anything.
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I had those!! Scared the you know what out of me! lol. The doctor told me it was everything getting ready to expand. I’m 17 weeks now with a healthy pregnancy

@Tiffany thank you so much for the reassurance. I keep freaking out as it feels like I’m about to start bleeding!

Hey! Yeah I'm currently in agony as I'm typing this I'm 5 weeks today and the cramping has all of a sudden hit 😭 it feels like awful period pains and no bleeding. This is my second pregnancy after an emergency c-section with my first. Hoping to book an early scan next week, I hope you're doing okay now 😊x

@Katie I’m also 6 plus 2 today and having the same pains. Also have bad backache.. worried sick but haven’t had any bleeding!

@Gemma I spoke to the EPU and they said it’s normal as long as there’s no bleeding. Fingers crossed for us all. X

@Katie thankyou lovely x

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