Floor beds rather than cot!

Need advice on floor beds for those mums who decided to do this rather than cot/toddler bed - my boy is 9months and currently will do first stint of sleep in cot till midnight then we co sleep rest of night. At what age did you put little one into floor bed and did you find it helped nighttime sleep? Where did you get floor bed from? How did you manage to make sure room completely safe?! 🤯 my boy is crawling, climbing and standing!
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We moved to a floor bed around 6.5 months. Best decision everrrr! Our little nugget loves it! She’s on the twin Newton mattress, and we got a cute little frame from Amazon

Following as I've been toying with the idea of it when LO is 9months to a year. He sleeps fine in his next to me so hoping he will be ok in cot when we transition in a couple of months but seen so many videos about it and how it can help in mornings as they just get up and start playing rather then waking parents up 😅 would love to know more

@Emilee how have you managed to baby proof the bedroom I’m so worried as my little boy is literally everywhere and into everything but I do think he would do much better on a floor bed x

I took one side off the car and cut the legs off so I don’t pay loads for a new bed. My girl sleeps so much better. She’s not crawling yet but you just need to properly baby proof. Make sure all furniture is anchored to the walls etc

My toddler sleeps on a super comfy very thick single memory foam mattress. I’m very happy w this decision. She seems to like it a lot.

My girl went into a floor bed just before she turned 1 and it’s been amazing! She wakes up and has a play with her toys in the morning, reads books, does jigsaws etc. She has loved it so far and she is 2.5 nearly

@🔮Angela🔮 where did you get floor bed/mattress from? How did you manage to make sure like her room was completely safe for her roaming about?x

@Emilee can I ask did you sleep with her on it? I'm currently sleeping on a mattress on the floor with my 4.5 month old as we're trialing the idea, we're both sleepy better than when he was in a crib, it's working well for now but obviously I want to go back to my own bed eventually 😆

@Vickii I bought the bed and guard from an online site (wayfair I think) and her mattress off Amazon. I haven’t put any proper furniture in her room for now and the big bits she does have like doll house are attached to the wall. It’s so good for them to be independent and get out of bed themselves. I put her baby gate on her bedroom door frame so she couldn’t escape 😂

Mine never liked her next to me… started to bedshare from 3 months and recently moved into a floor bed in her room so I sleep there with her since 6 she turned months old. I followed recommendations from Isadora, a mum on instagram who’s mission is to help educate people on safe cosleeping/bedsharing. Im in the process of baby proofing the room, already changed her toys, only soft toys accessible in her room. We only have some slats from b&q and are teaching her to get out of bed. And the usual corners, sockets, drawers protection.

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