Here we are again

11m and screaming when I put her in her cot again so now I'm just sitting in her nursery holding her whilst she sleeps as I don't know what else to do? Ffs we've just returned from a holiday and she slept relatively well there what the heck happened?
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Are you putting her in the cot awake or asleep? I've never been able to put my daughter in awake so I always have to put her in asleep and generally I find I just have to wait until I think she's in a deep enough sleep that she won't wake up. Maybe try and wait 15 minutes or so after she's fallen asleep and transfer her if you haven't tried already? Xx

For a good while she had been settling in her cot, squiggles around until she's comfy. Then the last few nights she has been crying out when I lie her down and I've been cuddling her to sleep. Tonight is taken her a real while to fall into a deep sleep. She's done a few hours so far. Maybe she's changing the way she settles ? As long as I can lie her down eventually, I don't mind the cuddles

@Bethany how well does she sleep once she is in the cot?

Aww maybe being on holiday threw her out of routine a bit and she's readjusting? Or maybe she's feeling a bit more clingy or something. My daughter sleeps horrifically 不. To the point we are going to begin sleep training this weekend because I am a zombie 不

I don't have it in me to sleep train so I have set up her sleep environment. She sleeps for the longest time until about 1am then ends up with us. That's on a good night! I'm wondering if it's Teething or adjustment after holidaying...I'm going tonight is just a blip. I swear we went through the 10m regression

My girl ends up in my bed too 不 she's waking up like 8 times a night and has been awful since 3.5 months. I've always said I won't sleep train but I'm due again in September so i feel like I have no choice now. I swear there's a regression like every month 不. It could be a combination of things! Maybe see how the next few days go and if there's no improvement then look to make changes? I'm not great at this sleep thing tbh 不

We've just come back from holiday too and my little girl was sleeping 6 hrs in a travel cot waking cuddles then back down unless I fell asleep with her for another 4 hrs. We're having multiple waking too so cosleeping again. I know my little girls mollars are coming through so putting it down to that. Luckily her cots next to me so I just pop her in and out

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