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Ok moms…. First time mom here. Is this choking or gagging? I tried not to panic but I stopped the video right away to see if he needed assistance but he was fine seconds after. I know loud and red let them be, silent and blue need help from you , but this is so confusing lol. Ps - he was eating carrot, zucchini and sweet potato all blended but it was thicker than usual to get him use to different textures
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Gagging and he’s doing such a great job working it out 🥰 I know it’s so hard to watch.

@Sam thank you so much! I panicked when I heard the little gasp lol

Gagging , my daughter did it with mashed potatoes I was nervous to but my baby was just disgusted lmao

Gagging. Choking would be silent/no noise or air flowing. Try to have as little reaction as possible. If they see us lurch forward to help them when they're gagging they'll think something is wrong and it cause cause them to not eat as well.

When this happens for us it’s usually because of a texture thing. I just immediately pretend to start chewing and swallowing along, so she starting mimicking that to help clear

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