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Do you still breastfeed baby right before putting them to bed for the night? Or do you feed earlier in the day and then do bedtime routines and they will fall asleep independently? At the moment I am giving my little girl 100ml of pumped milk with her dinner, then doing bath, book, pajamas / sleeping bag, breastfeed top up, bed Does this sound about right? I know there is no "right" as such but are other breastfeeding mums still feeding until drowsy or getting their babes to sleep independently?
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My girl would never sleep putting her down drowsy 😅 so I try to feed to sleep and if that doesn’t work she’s rocked x

I'm lying with my boy while he feeds and drifts off. He will go to sleep without me for his dad but it takes longer x

@Yaz glad it's not just me! Milk and cuddles all the way When she's ill it's literally feeding around the clock for comfort and cuddles, she won't be alone at all

I feed to sleep and we still have 1/2 night wake ups, quick feed and back off to sleep ☺️☺️

Yes this was us after her vaccinations the other day 🙊 the best tool! I’ve figured when either she/I are ready to wean then we’ll figure out another way of getting to sleep and all babies sleep independently eventually!

Always bf to sleep, by far the quickest way and never fails. Drowsy but awake is an absolute pipe dream, in our house anyway (and I suspect for a lot of babies) xx

My mam said me and my brothers started go reject breastfeeding around 14 months by ourselves, so we shall see!

I'm still breastfeeding to sleep. My LO cannot sleep otherwise..

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