Boys names with the same vibe as Magnolia?

We want to use Magnolia as a middle name if babe is a girl. If it’s a boy, the first name will likely be Callum, but I would like the middle to have similar vibes to Magnolia (Southern, botanical, kind of elaborate). Any ideas?
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Forest, Oak, Cedar, Aspen, Ash, Florian, Hollis, Reed/Reid, Rowan, Yarrow

Wilder, Milo, Atwood

Ambrose, Aurelian, Beauregard, Birch, Elmore, Firth, Fox, Hawk, Linden, Oaken, Peregrine, Ren, Rue, Sylvan, Wilde 💚

Callum Rhodes Callum Hickory Callum Acacio Callum Cosmos Callum Florizel Callum Quennel Callum Oleander Callum Chyrsanthos Callum Hawthorne Callum Meriweather Callum Huckleberry Callum Melanthios Callum Evergreen Callum Hemlock Callum Florentin Callum Tarragon Callum Forrester Callum Narcissus Callum Peregrine Callum Silvestro Callum Bracken Callum Elwood Callum Fiorello Callum Cypress Callum Bramble Callum Linwood Callum Gwydion Callum Sequoia Callum Juniper Callum Oliverio Callum Gentian Callum Linden Callum Aletris Callum Jacinto Callum Oaklan Callum Sylvan Callum Bonsai Callum Florian Callum Lennox Callum Marlow Callum Rosen Callum Viorel Callum Hollis Callum Wilder Callum Sorrel Callum Lotus Callum Perris Callum Calyx Callum Silas Callum Xylo 💙

Callum Ryder Callum Finch Callum Brooks Callum Caspian Callum Oleander Callum Murphy What about Callahan

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