Anyone else get told not to get pregnant for at least a year to allow for healing??? Is this something they just say or can it be flexible ????
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It’s highly recommended so you can fully heal. You are cut through 7 layers. There are plenty of women that get pregnant sooner but are then considered higher risk. Also, I think you can’t do a VBAC and will be another required c-section if earlier than 1 year

Yes bc there’s a chance of your scar opening and that wouldnt be pleasant for you & your baby.

Yes, at least a year. Before that and it highly increases the chance of uterine rupture. It's specifically recommended to wait 18 months between birth and conception to decrease your chances of that even further.

I was told 12-18 months is recommended but ended up getting pregnant 5 months after c-section. Will be trying for a vbac as likelihood of uterine rupture is quite low statistically. But I do think waiting a year would have been better 🙈 Also, I think different countries have different guidance regarding v-bacs and repeat c-sections.

my gyno said it’s not recommend to get pregnant until at at least 12-18 PP. The more u wait the better. Less chances scar opening and causing early delivery for baby.

I got pregnant 8 months after my csection. I've had zero pain in that area. No complications and was able to do a VBAC if I wanted but opted for a csection again x

My gyno recommended atleast wait a year but for me it’s cause I had gestational diabetes and cholestasis so it was high risk.

@Miriam ok thank you. They’ve told me I have to have a C section next time.

@Laura did they say why? I thought they would say the same to me too but they've barely mentioned the previous csection. How many months past your previous section are you? X

@Miriam im currently 7 months and would like to get pregnant at 9 months. I had quite a few complications including a tear in my uterus. So I can’t have a natural birth next time.

My doctor told me to wait add least one year but got pregnant again like right away. My babies are 9 1/2 months apart. My first baby was an emergency c section and my second was planned to be another c section and had a vaginal birth (vbac). Everything came out good but I did give birth in the OR just incase anything bad happened. My doctor did say it could be a risk due to your scar is still healing and it could erupt my placenta. I got to the hospital at 9cm so they weren’t able to stop me from giving birth vaginally. It just happened so fast that they couldn’t do anything about it then let the baby come. Thankfully everything went great. I did get pregnant with my third baby exactly 2 years later and I did have to have the baby via c section. So I feel like it depends on your body and doctor. My doctors gave me the options of having my third baby. C section or vaginal. I asked her for the pros and cons and well I went off for another c section for my baby safety.

Thank you!

@Leslee hey, can I chat you privately?

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