Is this a good thing?

I got the Ollie the Owl attached to the cot since birth and never used it. For the last couple months, my 16 months LO starts to switch it on by himself as part of his night routine. He will also switch it on if he wakes up in the middle of night to get himself back to sleep. I wonder if this is a good thing or not. I am worried if he will attach to it and become a permanent thing growing up with white noise. He loves the heart beat one. Not sure if my neighbour is impressed hearing it middle of the night 😅
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I’m sure it is not too loud to wake up the neighbours. Don’t worry, the child will outgrow it, eventually this is not such a bag think of getting back to sleep.

I personally would worry about it, I’d be absolutely thrilled if my little one got himself back to sleep like that 😂 x

That’s amazing! Does it have volume settings so he can hear it only? If it’s loud enough to wake the neighbours might be too loud for baby’s ears. But I think it’s much better than a pacifier, my baby’s stuck on that and it’s affecting his teeth 😫 grown adults use white noise machines too!

I think with the Ollie the Owl, you have to press twice on the left foot to bring the volume down. He only knows to keep pressing the left arm until it gets to the heart beat setting. But hasn't figure the volume changing yet. 😂 Mine is a thumb sucker 😬

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