Middle Names!!

Someone pleaseeee give me middles name for the name Eden (female), surname initial is S. Quite like floral names (no one mention Rose tho pls it’s off the cards lol).
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I saw floral and immediately thought Fauna. You asked for plants, I give you animals

@Aimi hahaha Fauna is beautiful 💗

Primrose came to mind for me, but that may be too close to Rose for you.. Jasmine. Azalea. Blossom.

Eden June Eden Quinn Eden sage I love one syllable names after two syllables. They flow well together!

Eden Lily ❤️

@Kierstyn eden quinn has been on my list actually!!! i agree with the syllables too x

Eden Leigh Eden lily

Ivy sounds quite pretty with Eden, not floral, but leafy 😂

Love Eden! Eden Poppy Eden Bloom Eden Fleur Eden Posey

Eden Fern Eden Wren Eden Lily Eden Poppy Eden Lotus Eden Robin Eden Oaklyn Eden Dove

I love Eden Fern, Fleur and Ivy that have already been mentioned! Also love Eden Eliza (sorry I know it’s not floral or even nature but it’s so pretty with Eden I had to mention it!)

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