How to serve pasta?

What’s the best way to serve pasta to my 7 month old. I am planning on making him a tuna pasta for dinner. His chewing is pretty good
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what type of noodles are you using? egg noodles?

Just cooked enough so you can squish it between your fingers, I find the twirly pasta (can’t think of proper name 🤦🏻‍♀️) is easier to hold than penne x

@luu🤎 fusili A video about serving pasta for each age group x

The Solid Starts app has really good illustrations for this. I would serve open tube shaped pasta like penne or rigatoni, or spiral shaped pasta like rotini, whole. If serving spaghetti or something else thin, I would cut it.

Thanks all 😊

yeah just serve them as is. you could cut them up, but it isn’t really necessary

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