Anterior placenta

At my private gender scan they told me I had a anterior placenta, when did you all first feel any movement? I thought I felt bubbles/flutters the other day but I'm guessing it wasn't as I don't think I'd be feeling anything yet at 17 weeks with an anterior? X
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I have anterior and am 18 weeks. At 16 weeks I was feeling strange tickles but nothing much since then. I think it depends on baby position and anterior placenta position.. for example I felt tickles on my right side, and baby’s legs are right there.

19 weeks tomorrow and started to feel something last night. 1st pregnancy was also anterior ☺️

I think it depends also on exactly where the placenta sits. Mine is anterior but apparently central and high. I started feeling movement 16 weeks at the sides and low still. Second pregnancy so know people say you feel it sooner but totally possible you’re feeling it at 17 weeks even with anterior placenta

I had anterior with my first, definite movements weren’t felt until I was nearly 22weeks, it wait was TORTURE 😂

First pregnancy was anterior and didn't feel anything well into the 20s (can't remember exactly as 16 years ago 🙃) I remember mainly feeling him at night and more when it was uncomfortable elbows and knees! I had to sit a certain way to feel movement towards the end. Just found out placenta is anterior again and was so looking forward to feeling the baby more this time! I'm 16weeks tomorrow and thought I felt flutters this morning that I like to believe was movement 💞 All scans have shown a super active baby, so could be ☯️

I have an anterior placenta and haven’t felt baby girl yet. I’m 17+3 and can’t help but worry. This is my second baby! All scans have shown her wiggling about and have heard her on the Doppler at my midwife appointment. Midwife was really reassuring but I understand the worry as I still feel the same x

I’ve been told I have an anterior placenta and I was quite shocked as I’ve been feeling movements from around 14 weeks so I think it really depends they did start off as bubbles for me. I only feel movement on the left side still and I’m now 20 weeks so I think it depends on where the placenta is exactly xx

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