Low lying placenta

Just had my 20 week scan and was told I have a low lying placenta. Wasn’t told much else apart from a re scan will be booked at 32 weeks. Was wondering if anyone else has experienced this ?
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I had it with my first and it moved at 34 weeks, think it's common for it to move till then

@Patricia thank you, I never had this with my first so worried with it being my second and the unknown they didn’t seem concerned at the scan xx

Mines low lying and they said it may move up as my uterus grows but will check during growth scans. If it’s still covering my cervix then I’ll have a c-section

I was told this yesterday also that it’s 17.5mm and needs to me 20mm away from the cervix. They said it should correct itself as baby grows but i also have to have a scan at 32 weeks x

@Niki thanks hun, just didn’t want a c section at any costs so a bit frustrating but just keeping every crossed by my next growth scan like you it goes up and is no longer covering xx

@Amy I was told this just now, hate it. As I’m hoping it will move as they said it’s common but will be so nervous before the 32 week scan just in case 🙈 hope everything works out for you xx

Fairly common for it to have moved by the late third trimester scan, so not a concern.

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