Council tax on maternity

Hello all, Does anyone know if I can be exempted from paying council tax. I get paid about £680 monthly for maternity allowance which is my only source of income . My house rent is about £1050 excluding bills. I get financial support from baby daddy but money still not enough. I haven’t paid concil tax for about 4 months . Can I call them to ask if I get a discount or exemption . Has anyone done this . Don’t want to sound stupid .My council tax is £225 monthly .
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Wont be excepted but you’ll have a discounted rate in only paying 33 because I’m recieving part uc if it helps it was hundreds before they sorted it for me

Yes u can get a huge discount but apply straight away bc it’s unlikely they’ll backdate it

Plus if you don’t get the discount if they take you to court over it you don’t have to go but they’ll send you a form out and you just fill in it and explain you only can afford x amount they will most likely accept the amount for payment plan. Before I got a discount when I never had the baby. I was paying hundreds a month plus all my rent which was over 1000 I couldn’t afford the tax they took me to court and I just wrote I could only afford 50 for this reason and they accepted straight away

You can get 25% discount if you’re the only person in the house over 18

I am completely exempted from mine, i get £1500 from UC, and live on my own with my little boy and i dont have to pay any

You can apply for support from your council and they can reduce it

I asked today I’m on SMP and gets topped up with UC. I can only get 25% single person discount

You need to apply for council tax support

You need to apply for council tax reduction and single person discount. I do live on my own with a baby and my council tax was £235 a month, and I just got my council tax reduced to £60 a month.

Depends. Are you single living alone? (No other adults?) Are you on mat leave or unemployed?

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