Just got a call from the gp after expressing issues about my son, and all i got was turn the tv off and wait till hes 2. My son is tv obsessed, he doesnt like being anywhere, doesnt like going out, he likes mickey mouse and mrs rachel and playing with his toys, and now either way im a bad mum because i have to take the tv away or ignore the gp😭
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Go through your health visitor if you have concerns, my son is 23 months and already been seen by peads. X

How old is he? X

You'd be a bad mom if you didn't nip this straight away. Turn on music for him so he's not in complete silence. Take him out and do things. He will throw fits. He's two but in the end it'll benefit both of you

Hes 19 months @Megan

@Emma ill give them another ring x

Screen time gives a dopamine boost like nothing else does and that's why kids get so addicted. I have a 3 year old step son who is screen obsessed and I now have days where I switch them all off and have to make him play with the toys he has. He throws fits, throws tantrums, in the end, he gets on with it because he knows he won't win. I know it sounds very dismissive from your GP but if you're not willing to try that then there's not much they can do to help. I'm not sure how turning the TV off is being a bad mum though? Sometimes you have to do what they don't like, they're children and they don't know what's best for them you do.

@Bethan i just meant because of how much i know he likes it, we have really reduced his screen time and we get out so much more!

Helps doesn't it! Mine actually gets his toys out now where he didn't before hand and it's now easier and easier to say "no, our turn with the tv now". Last week he went and started using his chalk board to practice his letters off his own back too! Same goes with him constantly asking for ice lollies or chocolate. I say no quite a lot but when I do he ends up eating fruit or a yoghurt instead!

Mine doesnt talk or do anything x

Maybe you should take him for developmental testing then and get some proper therapies to help him better.

@Sami all done after this post, hes had hv appt, on the list for everything c

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