In my feelings about repeat c section

I’ve always been very eyes-wide-open person about the fact that I would probably need a repeat c section. My first I pushed for hours but when she got stuck I had to do the c section instead. There were a lot of factors that went into it, and they told me after it was good I made the decision. I’m about to have my second and I’ve known my OB was ready to just do c section so I have an easier time. But I can’t help but feel guilty? Like I’m not even going to try the second round. I could have chosen vbac but between my own trauma and my doctor and my husband, we chose c section. Baby is due to be taken via c section in a couple days so the doctor gave me the whole risks talk and made it clear, after this, I will never be able to do vbac due to hospital policy. I knew this going in, but now, days out, I feel so guilty for not even trying? Women all around me constantly push kids out in like 10 min?? I pushed my first for 4.5 hours and never once made progress to get her out. I think pregnancy hormones are clashing with anxiety but I’m just a mess and hoping to get my child out safely so I can just move on!
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Hi! I am having an elective c section as it is the best decision for me and want to tell you, you have no need to feel any guilt at all. Pushing does not make anyone a "better" or more natural mother. We internalise a lot of messages about birth from society and films/TV but the only important things are that your baby gets here safely and that your safety is also prioritised- your mental and physical health are paramount. X

If your doctor also recommended it, then I’d really not question the decision, unless you yourself suddenly want something else. All births come with risks attached. I had a cat 1 emergency c-section first time and was so worried about my sons life at that point, I just don’t want to go through the fear of potentially loosing a child in birth again, so a planned C-section seems safest to me now. I Also have a few other complications, so my doctor and midwife are very supportive of an elective this time. But I totally understand the feeling and sometimes struggle with other people’s attitudes too. But you know what is best for you 🤗

I feel same way , I have repeat C section booked . I could do vbac induction but scared of risk and ending up to emergency C/S .

I’m gonna have my 4th c-section in October and I don’t feel any guilt. What’s good for other woman isn’t necessarily what’s good for you or the baby. It’s okay not to want to try to push a baby out. Just because some people are able to push for 10 minutes and give birth doesn’t mean everyone can. If your first instinct was a repeat c section theres no need to feel guilty about doing whats best for you.

Hi! I actually attempted a VBAC 3 weeks ago and my body just would not allow it. Kinda makes me think it was my body telling me not to go through with it as baby was getting so stressed during each contraction and I felt so much scar pain. I ended up with a c section after being in labour for 3 days and have 0 regrets

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