I just gave birth 3 weeks ago and I’m curious.. When exactly are we suppose to get our period again? Ive heard some don’t get it while breastfeeding, is that true? Or We get a month after we give birth🤔I’m still learning a few things.
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I'm formula feeding and I'm almost 6 week pp and got my period back a few days ago...

@Alana Smart Would you say your period changed since birth or it is the same? Like length and pain wise😯I’m scared to get my period!

@Deedee my Dr said it'll probably be irregular for a little bit... But I felt a lil crampy and then some blood My regular period before pregnancy was heavy and painful But now it's light and off and on, it'll take a lil to be regular but it's not bad

For my first, I was 9 months postpartum. I was breastfeeding when it returned.

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