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I was wondering if they mail out the first birth certificate? I thought that what they told me in the hostipal but it’s been 7 weeks and i haven’t gotten anything yet. I received the Social Security card two weeks after birth in the mail.
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They don’t ! 😩 you have to go to the vital check web page and order one, I was waiting too haha and never got it

I didn’t order my sons until he was almost 2 lol no they don’t automatically send it unfortunately!

Yeah, what she said ^ You have to order it. They only sent my daughters automatically to me during Covid. But after that, w my 2nd, I had to order it.

They give you a paper that has option of how you can get the certificate. You can get it online, by mail or in person I believe. I have the paper cuz I just gave birth . Do you want the link of it?

The social security card comes automatically. But the Birth Certificate you have to get yourself. You can go to your local Vital records and get one same day. It’s either $15 or $25 I can’t remember.

You have to pay a fee for it

Thank you all so much. they probably told me this when I was in the hospital. I just don’t remember. I did call vital records and they gave me appointment for the 21st for pick up. It is 10 dollars

I went in person to the vital records of DC and got it that way I got it the day of though

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