FTM, is this normal?

Hi I am a FTM. As I am reaching eight months Postpartum. My milk supply gradually decreased. It used to be 5-6 oz per pump. And now it is 3 oz, sometimes less than that. And I don’t want to stop breastfeeding. I know I have to pump in the middle of the night, but I love sleeping. Any suggestions?? I drink oatmeal in the morning and drink lactation tea. I try to be hydrated all the time.
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Omg my baby does this too and I always wonder if it’s normal

My baby girl also loves to play alone and laughs and giggles while she does it! I read that it’s actually a very great sign that our babies are developing on track and independent play is a vital part of creating a secure attachment within theirselves. I just check in with my baby girl every 10-15 minutes to make sure she’s still interested in the same toy or chair, if not I’ll switch her to her tummy time mat or a different chair or give different toys to play with and then repeat the process until she is ready for a nap. We follow the eat, play, sleep routine.

@Savanna Thank you so much. I was so concerned

Have you changed your pump parts recently?

Oh no. Should I?

@Minji yes pump parts need to be replaced often depending on how much you use your pump. Worn out parts can cause low suction. Look up your specific pump to see what parts need to be replaced and how often.

@Minji yes! If you pump 3x/day (so adjust accordingly for your own situation), you’d want to replace duckbill valves once a month, and back flow protectors once every 3 months. If you got your pump through insurance you can likely get them to send you new parts for free! Or else they’re also FSA/HSA eligible if you get them on Amazon or somewhere else.

Do you want him to be bored? Lol he's having fun ...

Watch for lactation tea! My lactation consultant told me she'd seen a dip in supply for her clients that were driving this tea. Drink lots of water and make sure you're emptying your breasts every 4 hours

Constantly update your pump parts, also remember babies need less milk once starting solids. Roughly 24 oz a day so your body might just be adjusting accordingly.

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