What activities do you do with your babies during the day? I’m lost for inspiration
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If its a day at home, outside of naps/feeds/changes etc I kind of rotate her playing on her mat with a variety of toys, sitting in her high chair and chatting while I do jobs, walking around and tidying a little bit ‘together’, propped up on pillows on the bed while I get ready and talk to her, sit her on my lap or up on my knees and sing songs. Try a bit of tummy time every day as well. Not gonna lie its quite boring lol! Usually do at least 2 classes or outings a week or visiting people.

If at home :Practice sitting ,tummy time ,then I read ,sing ,get her to try and imitate simple face experessions like Sticking tongue out . Out the house :play gym ,walk in the park ,nice day go for a picnic together ,see family or friends just a change of scenery xx

-talk to baby ( I literally speak what I need to do, what I am doing now I am describing) -sing /dance -hold him in front of the mirrow - tummy time -bicycle (moving his legs in some funny way ) -contact naps -cuddles - hold him in carrier while making order at home - watch him play in gym -feed him -change him -bathe him -wash his face hands -offer a new toy Outside: Went to aquarium, parks, museum He sometimes screams in stroller so I end up holding him I need more ideas too!

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