Since my daughter has turned 3 and started pre school at nursery, she can literally be a nightmare at times! Refuses to eat/wastes so much food, doesn’t listen, starts hitting furniture or whatever is around her, acts a little violent. Is this all normal?!!
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Yep going through the same with my son! Eats very little except snacks, doesn’t listen at all, throws himself off everything no fear at all and has started hitting me for no reason doesn’t help I’m currently 31 weeks pregnant as well so drained anyway! Hoping this is just a phase!

Yep. It's rough for a bit!

yep we had this, he was a little 💩 for a few months but the past week or so he’s so much better. it was a mix of going into the big room at nursery and his little sister arriving. but it gets better just hold on 😂

How do you all deal with your toddlers?

Same except we have had it since Feb … it’s been a nightmare we are shattered parents 😣

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