Early wakes 🥴

My daughter has starting waking up to start the day at 4:30/5am 😬 and it’s a full on, leg kicking, smiling when I walk into the room just wanting to play kind of wake! She will then have an hour of books and play then need to go back for a sleep. She used to wake at 6:30/7am but it’s been a few weeks of these early wakes now. Nothing else really changed, bedtime between 6:30/7pm. Anyone else in the same boat? I remember my son going through similar around this age, I think linked to starting crawling but my daughter doesn’t seem anywhere near crawling yet. Starting to feel very tired now, must add she’s also up every 2 hours at night 🫠
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We're going through the same thing, but also don't seem close to crawling! No help I know but you're no alone x

Sometimes my baby goes back to sleep if I offer some milk right away..you can try.. eventhough they appear full on sometimes they are still tired specially if you say she goes back to sleep in an hour

Oh dear ...we have every 2h wake up at nigths too and esrly wake ups:-( I can relate- so hard ! Do you BF at night?

My little boy has been an early riser since the clocks changed! So we have made some adjustments to his room to make it darker. Also trialling longer naps during the day (2 x 2 hour naps). Since doing this he’s had a few more 6am wake ups 🙏🏼 but this morning was back to 5am 😴. Also don’t allow baby to have their first nap untill after their wake window. No matter what time my boy wakes up, I do not allow him to nap untill after 9am, as you should try to follow a nap routine from your desired wake time. My 1st born used to sleep untill 8am but I will grateful for atleast 6am with my 2nd born 😂 x

@Akoo i breastfeed her straight away in the hope she will fall back to sleep like she does in the night, but she has a big feed then sits bolt upright grinning 🙈😂

@Lauren yes the brightness may be a factor, we’ve got black out blinds now so it is v dark. I’ll try the wake window, it does make sense! She’s so tired after an hour so it may be a challenge 🙈 it’s harder second time right as you’re trying to look after a toddler too and can’t always follow a routine because of activities etc!!

@Anna Konieczny yes bf at night, though my husband has started doing one night resettle. It’s so weird as she used to sleep 8 hour nights and all changed a few months ago 😩

@Ocean hope it’s a very short phase for us all!!

@Rebekah we’ve got a black out roller blind and normal curtains so I’ve been putting a towel on the edges of the blind to block the light on the edges. However blackout curtains have arrived 🙏🏼🙏🏼 we had a 6:15am wake up this morning so I feel like something is working. It takes up to 2 weeks for their sleep rhythm to change so don’t loose hope straight away! Yes two is so much harder for routine, we struggle with the wake up time because my baby wakes my 3 year old up and then she’s grumpy all day and I can tell it’s taking a toll on her. She’s defo a high sleep need person 😂

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