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Has anyone moved their baby to their own room yet? Our LO will be 6 months at the end of the week and we’re considering getting her straight into her own room. We are cosleeping at the moment but we aren’t getting much sleep with it anymore. Any tips for transitioning to own room?
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I've moved my LB into his own room at 5 months and he's slept loads better I personally would move your LO into their own room and see how they go As you will sleep train in the same room and them probably need to retrain when moved rooms again

@Hannah yeah that’s what I was thinking, did you have to sleep train?

My LG was 6 months on the 3rd and we are moving her into her room tonight. She has officially outgrown her SnuzPod and moving her just makes more sense than trying to put her cot or a travel cot into our room for a short amount of time. I’m planning on sleeping in her room with her for a couple of nights and then hopefully it will be sorted 🤞🏻

@Ali I’d love to know how you get on! Good luck 💕

@Rebekah I’ll keep you posted!

@Rebekah I didn't sleep train, not yet anyways Hes currently waking up for 2 feeds still but that's all So I'll see how he goes the more he moves to solids

We moved our little one at 5 ish months because he was waking himself up hitting the sides of the next to me and I think we were also waking him up too and he’s slept so much better being in his own room.

@Rebekah well, so far so good. She woke up a couple of times the first night and needed a cuddle to go back to sleep at about 3:30 but slept pretty well other than that. Last night she did a great job self settling but again needed a little help around 4. Her room is starting to get light about that time so I think we’re going have to put up a blackout blind to help. She definitely seems much happier with the bigger space!

@Ali oh that’s amazing! Well done her! Have you stayed in the room with her overnight?

@Rebekah yes, I think I’ll sleep in there tonight too. But after that we’re going to try having her in there by herself. We’ll keep the sofa bed in for a while yet just in case though.

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