Why is getting life insurance so hush hushed in the south?

I don’t understand are people scared of getting it ? Is it to expensive? Don’t wanna talk about it? It’s not important Or what y’all?
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It’s important and not very expensive. Only thing I could think of is a lot of murders have been to get someone’s life insurance pay out. Lol! I’m a crime junkie and that is what I initially thought

It’s important and not too expensive. Idk honestly why people are scared to to get it lol.

I used to work selling health insurance. Didn’t work out for me because most of the people I know are young people my age in their 20s. One thing I can say is that they view it was not important and not a necessity. I’ve had people tell me they are not married, don’t have kids, or they are too young to need it. Life insurance can be used while living as well which is what a lot of people don’t understand or know.

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