Boy & Girl names 🤰💗💙

Baby’s surname will be Pickersgill. We have no other children. I like more traditional names and my boyfriend likes more modern/different names, so it’s safe to say we cannot decide 😂 help is needed!!
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Can you settle for a traditional name with a modern nickname? Depends how modern we’re talking I guess 🤣

i was also going to suggest maybe a more traditional name which has the potential for a more unsual/modern nickname - ie Charles, with Arlo as a nickname, or Delilah with Dolly as a nn, Primrose nn Posy, Atticus, nn Kit or Beatrice nn Birdie etc do you have any examples of a few names you like and a few your boyfriend likes, to get an idea of what you're looking for?

So these are some ‘traditional’ names but not very common: Evander Darius Ambrose Benedict Gideon Leander Demetrius Sylvan Rupert Bramwell

🩷 Sienna Pickersgill Cambria Pickersgill Calista Pickersgill Julie Pickersgill Robin Pickersgill 💙 Millard Pickersgill Wilson Pickersgill Conley Pickersgill Briston Pickersgill Beckham Pickersgill

I like Arlo, that’s nice! We like Annie for a girl and Arthur for a boy. I’ve suggested Sienna but that was a strong no from my boyfriend haha which I thought he’d like! I just don’t want such a peculiar modern name where the baby will go through life having funny looks 😂 xx

Lucinda, Annalise,Adaline,Ashlynn, Beatrice, Blair, Charlotte, Camille, Calliope, Christine Delphine,Diana, Daisy, Ella,Emma, Elodie, Eloise,Elara,Fiona, Helena,Heidi,Josephine,jainey, Katarina, Leonia, Liliana, magnolia, Marceline, Madeline, Ophelia, Prue, Ruth, Regina, Sadie, serenity, Saraphina, Thea, violet,

Raphael Jeremiah (Remi) Deacon Jackson

Vincent Pickersgill Bennett Pickersgill Harvey Pickersgill Porter Pickersgill 🩵 Nellie Pickersgill Lucy Pickersgill Juliet Pickersgill Adele Pickersgill 🩷

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