Cheapest early scan?

Does anyone know where I can get the best deal on an early scan? I’m currently 6w2d and I’m finding it hard even waiting for first midwife appointment at around 8 weeks let alone waiting till 12 weeks for my first scan. I’m so anxious but I don’t have a lot of money at the moment. Please leave some recommendations and the price you paid 🙏🏼
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Majority of the ones I’ve seen are between £80-90. Anything cheaper I think you’d ne d to ensure that it’s being offered by a qualified sonographer. I have mine booked and it cost £90, with a £30 deposit upon booking. Have a little Google for your area and you should find somewhere ☺️

@Katie thank you x Would you trust deals on Groupon and Wowcher etc..

@Chloe personally no I wouldn’t 😕 x

Window to the womb. Great staff , very intimate and it’s only £70. I went to Harley street, paid £110 and it wasn’t as intimate as I would have liked.

We’ve booked with Hey Baby 4D. I think they have them all over and it was £69 booked with a £20 deposit

I had my early and gender scan with hey baby they were brilliant. Specially the gender as they changed the room to the colour of baby so would recommend them 😊

If there is a see your baby near you they do early scans for £55

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