Baby is 12 days old today and is anybody still really anxious about people visiting? I have a small family but my partners family is hugeee and full of young kids and it absolutely sends my anxiety through the roof.
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It’s completely understandable, when they’re newborn they are susceptible to so many illnesses. Visitors should be respectful in terms of length of stay and not passing baby around. I always ask visitors who want to hold the baby to sanitise their hands first.

It's perfectly reasonable to say no to young kids coming round for the foreseeable!

I was anxious until after 2 and a half weeks but that’s because we haven’t got hold of our little one sleeping and I was feeling overwhelmed having people visiting!

We’ve had visitors but I’ve not had young children over yet! My daughters 3 and I just about cope with her and the newborn, I’m not ready for lots of screaming kids in the house just yet 🤣 all in good time!

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