Does anyone use a toniebox? What’s your opinion on it ? Thinking of getting one for my little girl. Do you use it at bedtime or for playtime, or both ?
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Yes we love ours!! Use it for playtime rather than bedtime as I find they loop so don’t stop at the end of the story/songs. Unless I’m doing something wrong with mine 😅 also it’s great to be able to suggest a tonies character when people ask for gift ideas

My little boy loves his! He has stories for bed time and then songs he puts on in the day (slightly annoying, but also cute he does it himself)

We’re a fan of it too! Mainly for bedtime at the moment, after we’ve read to him, if he wants more stories to fall asleep to then he uses his tonies. We’ve used it a tiny bit in the day time, but I do want to get in the habit of using it a bit more!

Yes we love ours, it’s been great for when he wakes up early, he stays in bed and listens to stories until the Gro clock turns yellow (7am) and has generally helped reduce screen time and I’m sure it’s improved his vocabulary too!! (We don’t use for bedtime as it keeps him up and he falls asleep fine without anything but I’ve heard it’s been useful for some people!)

We have one but it sits on top of his wardrobe and play it at bed time. We ask him what he would like on. He was just constantly taking the character off and thinks they are just toys haha xx

We love ours 😍 perfect way to cut out screen time in the evenings too!

We havent got one because they are so expensive for what they are. We have we brought a cd player( I know old school) and we go to the library once a week and get a story cds out and just copy them if he likes them much cheaper.

I would say our LG is not that interested in hers. But can see why some kids definitely love them! My Lg just enjoys more imaginative play I think

I got my little boy a yoto & he loves it. I got the travel version because it pretty much does everything the big version does but it's better for his wee hands. It's helped cut down on screen time & he'll happily sit & listen to stories... although, frustratingly, not often a full one because he likes changing the cards himself! I think it'll be great for him as he gets older though, it's definitely one that will last & grow with him.

My little boy is not interested at all! but that seems to be minority

We've been debating getting one for our little girl, anyone know what's the best/most used characters to buy ? xxx

My little girl loves ours and we use it every day. She plays with it during the day when we are upstairs and she is in and out of her room, and she listens to a story every night in her bed after we read a book together. She knows some of the stories off by heart now 😂 x

My little boy loves his! 🥰 I think it’s amazing and worth every penny. My son listens to it every night in bed before he sleeps. And listens to his music in the day. We bought him the tonie shelf which you can put the box on and all the characters, so it’s easy for him to go and put a character on the box. When we go away he puts it in his carry case with all his little tonie characters. Defiantly worth the money! X

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