Hey girls Just found out I’m pregnant with my second child, my little girl will be 3 this year. After you’ve rung doctors and got an appointment with them how long after do we expect a scan. Can’t remember how long I waited lasted time Thanks
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First scan is usually between 8-12 weeks

Thanks. When I had my first scan I was already 16 weeks gone. But after ringing doctors and speaking to the midwife it was a few weeks till my scan but that was 2021, so I’m hoping it’ll be quicker this time round, especially when I don’t know how far gone I am xxx

Yeah i had my first scan when i was only 5 weeks pregnant cos i had no idea how far along i was i found out when i was 2 weeks pregnant then had another scan at 12 weeks x

How long ago was this?? I’m hoping after I see midwife next week she can push for a scan, cuz I can already feel flutters and can see a bump forming, which makes think I’m further along than i am xxx

I’m not sure but i’m 22 weeks tomorrow so just minus 17 weeks from that 🤣🤣 not too long ago anyway i’m sure your scan won’t be long after your midwife appointment mine wasn’t they got me in basically straight away xx

I’m hoping it won’t be to long so I can tell work when I’m due xx

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