Day naps.

What is everyone’s lo sleeping in the day? Mines 12 weeks now so obvs way too big for a Moses basket so no idea what to put her in now as she has naps in her bouncer but I know they’re not supposed to.
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I've got my little girl in a travel cot in the front room. Thought would be useful for when older and playing with toys etc too x

I put my little girl down in her next to me upstairs for naps in the day :)

In his sleepyhead on the sofa x

Mine sleeps on his change mat under his play mat. Or sleeps in his bassinet

Quite honestly either in her swing, in her car seat (in the lay flat position) or in my arms. But naps generally last about 10-15 mins… The only way she sleeps of a night is with her swaddle bag on so I’m dreading any sort of rolling happening.

Contact naps alot but have started putting her down upstairs in the bedroom in the dark when we are home. She sleeps on my bed as we co sleep pretty much on a nightly basis atm but the plan is to gradually move her to the next to me crib again x

In his crib with the baby monitor

In my arms/chest most of the time, sometimes in a sling, on my bed supervised or pram if I happen to go on a walk when it’s nap time - 13wks x

Either contact nap or in his cot with monitor 🥰 x

At the moment still in moses basket as have nothing else for her. Luckily she sleeps with her legs bent into a triangle (lil weirdo 😂) most of the time so it still works. I think I will invest in a travel cot or something. I'm in predicament where I want to keep bedroom separate and purely for night time and keep her in lounge for days so she can differentiate the two and not struggle with sleep but I can't be dragging her cot from room to room 😂🤦 I will probably use pram to save money

Cot with monitor if we are home x

On me on the sofa, bouncer, or just on her play mat. Depends where she falls asleep 🙃

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