My baby is almost 8 months and doesn’t have much interest in food at all… she’s a very healthy weight (in the85th percentile) but she really only cares for bone broth and sucking on meat
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My baby didn’t seem interested in food for the first two months now she loves to eat. I would just keep giving her different things to try.

Try to give her everything separately, fruits ,broccoli, yogurt, sweet potato, avocado. Try omelettes with cottage cheese. Let her feed herself and you watch her and offer help if needed.

I’ve literally tried all of that. She just has. Interest in any of it. I’ve tried everything separately.

My baby is the same. She only eats specific things right now. (Like one bite of a banana or a few bites of beef). But because she's still gaining weight [EBF] my pediatrician isn't worried. She's in the 98% 😅 but I'd say I wouldn't worry about it if shes gaining weight, she'll be ready when she's ready.

@Serina try this mix! Steamed Apples with cooked oats + dates + cashews + walnuts ( put the nuts and dates in the water for 30 minutes before ) then all of that on the mixer! It tastes so good. But try small amount first bc each baby is different 😅

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