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Hey girls 🫶🏻 Pleaseeeee tell me my back pain won’t be here for life? I had my C-section almost 3 years ago with my first baby, my back pain has never left 🥲 Sometimes it won’t be as bad but it’s always there, it travels down my legs when it gets bad and also pelvic pain. They did have to try the epidural a few times so I think that could be related? Sorry for the book and please give me some good news 😂
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Following.. I’m concerned I have nerve damage as lower back/ top of bum is still numb from Saturday. Is this normal?

Was it an epidural not a spinal you had? I hope it does get better for you soon back pain is not fun

I had an emergency c section, with my first baby just over 3 yrs ago. Had epidural, I’m convinced that made my back worse. Already had problems with my back, but ever since having the epidural I’ve been a whole lot worse with my back. (They did take 4 attempts at the needle going in correct position at time of epidural) I have narrowing in the space between the discs of my spine anyway. Although I’ve had regular physio as well to try help strengthen muscles/back after having baby, the physio hasn’t made any difference. Hope yours gets better over time.

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