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My baby will be 7 weeks tomorrow, it feels like all she does is cry and the only thing that soothes her is being on my boob. It’s really starting to get to me, I feel so mentally exhausted, and my nipples are really taking a beating from it. My life is bound to the couch for Brestfeeding. I can’t get anything done that I need to do, I can’t get 5 minutes to myself without her crying. I thought it was Custer feeding but it’s every day, if she’s not eating or sleeping(which she hardly does anymore during the day) she’s crying to eat, giving the hungry signs, rooting and chewing her fist. I’m at wits end, I have an appointment on Thursday and hope to get answers for some sort of relief from it. My husband helps the best he can but unfortunately can’t breastfeed her, which is the most exhausting part. Anyone else experience this? Any tips, Is this normal?
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My baby was colic when she was small and it lasted from 2 weeks up until she was 12 weeks. With that there was constant crying and nothing would really soothe her so maybe your baby has a bit of that whilst also cluster feeding? To help my little one if it ends up being colic we used infacol and that worked wonders after a week as she was able to wind better. Sorry if that’s not much help I’m not sure on breastfeeding as I bottle feed x

She might be going through a growth spurt. They last a couple of days and characterise by lots of fussing, feeding and generally baby being very unsettled. They feed a lot to signal your body that they are growing and need more milk so that your body will start producing it. It can be quite challenging and unfortunately there is nothing we can do as moms, but if it is, it won't last forever (even if it feels like it). Hopefully you'll get some answers on Thursday, but also hopefully it will resolve itself soon. Good luck! 💖

Hi Mama, mum to another 7 weeks old here (our babies might actually be birthday mate. Ours is Apr 23). I’m sorry you are going through it. We as well had very rough days around 4 and week 5 with baby always hungry and chewing his fist but things have gradually improved. Do you know whether your baby is getting enough milk from the breast? Do you let baby feed on one or both breast during each feeding session? For us, I noticed baby wasn’t getting enough to eat and I might have been taking him off the breast before he was full. I increased our feeding time and let him feed from both breast during each session. When baby is full, he goes to sleep right after we burp him. We also let baby sleep on our chest when he is extremely fussy, that seems to calm him down. He usually gets into deep sleep after like 30-45mins and then we put him down in his bassinet.

Also, giving baby a night shower seem to also help calm him down after which we spend about an 30- 45mins of feed time. Light is turned off during feeding and then baby is swaddled after he sleeps off. We also swaddle him during the day. With these things, we’ve noticed a significant difference but I can tell you the feeding was the biggest thing. On the side, I checked how much our baby needs to eat to be full by expressing and I realize he needs between 4-6oz of milk during every feeding session to be full. Understanding how much baby needs might really help. Also we give gripe water 3x a day at first but now we only give gripe water at night. This is a must for him and I think it helped so far. Goodluck Mama 💕

My baby is the same she’s 10 weeks and it feels like she’s on my boob ALL day. Then when I take her off she just wants to go back on. I found that if I give her a top off feed with a bottle after a breast feeding session I can usually get longer stints without her on my boob because she’s more full.

Perhaps she's not hungry but over tired? They will suckle for comfort when over tired. At 8ish weeks they go through sleep regression so take a look at that and perhaps use an app to log her sleep? We downloaded huckleberry purely to log when he sleeps so that we know the timings, if he's been awake more than an hour and a half and is super fussy then he's actually tired, not hungry so we try to get him to sleep instead. It's really worked and made him much less fussy!

@Dolapo almost birth mates, she was born April 24th at 4am. She has plenty of wet diapers and gaining good weight last time she was checked, so I feel like she’s getting enough on one hand, but on the other the fact she always wants to eat and I always let her stay on until she decides to come off or falls asleep. I had an emergency c-section so not sure that makes any difference, the first couple days she struggled with breastfeeding, I stayed an extra night in the hospital so I could get help from the midwives, even they couldn’t figure it out, she would latch but not suck, but eventually she started getting it. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy, I just wasn’t prepared for it to be this hard. I’m to the point I wish I didn’t decide to breastfeed, I know a lot of moms enjoy breastfeeding, but right now I do not enjoy it, it’s more of a exhausting chore that I don’t want to do anymore.

@Hazel a part of me feels like this is one of the main problems, she’s gotten to where she won’t nap during the day, just cries for my boob. She suckles until she falls asleep, then I try to wait a bit until I think she’s in deep sleep and try and lay her down, but the second she touches the mattress she wakes up and starts crying again, so I have to start over. There’s been times she finally falls asleep on me I just sit there and don’t move for as long as she sleeps, even though there are a lot of things I need to get done. I don’t know how moms do it having babies within a year or so of each other, they truly are amazing. I wanted least 2 kids, but with this I’m second guessing if I would be able to do this all again, and I’m only on week 7. I’ve gotten to the point I cry when she starts crying because I know it’s going to take a bit before she will settle down. It’s mentally draining for me. I love her more than anything though. I guess that’s what makes it all worth it in the end

All sounds very familiar! When we clocked it was sleep then we started by making him sleep just to get into the habit, so we'd let him sleep on us or we'd make sure we'd plan our dog walks for when he needed to sleep as he always sleeps in the sling or pram. Once he was less tired each time then it became easier to put him down. He's still having contact naps now but it's just something we have to live with for now! Try and enjoy them! Also, baby sleep cycles last 40 minutes so you can always try and work around that, it's incredible how accurate it is!

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