Father’s Day

Am I overreacting for feeling some type of way about my husband golfing for father’s day? Leaving me alone with the baby for 4 plus hours over the weekend. I already resent him for the fact he gets to go do what he needs to do as he pleases and it’s like I have to constantly ask permission and move medical appointments around to fit his schedule.
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Yea and I can tell it's deeper than just that This may give you hope, it's our season when they're new babies to protect them and cater to them especially as a nursing mom But believe me when I tell you our time of freedom is coming!!!! When our babies can hold their head up m, eat solid baby food, or can walk etc not as fragile we will be freeer lol Out getting our nails done, mimosas etc yasssss

I’ve been like that since my first kid. I’m also a stay at home mom. Anytime I want to do anything I have to ask my mother if she can watch the kids.

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