Anyone thinking of weaning earlier than 6months? Or have already started/ previous experience? My LO is 18 weeks. She is showing signs of readiness, hands to mouth, very interested in food and tries to put her mouth to our food & can control her head well and sits well supported. I can’t imagine waiting until 6 months because she seems so ready now but I do worry about causing digestive issues. Initially I only intend on giving very small purée tastes
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Also in the same boat! Interested in the replies x

I started weaning my first born at around 17 weeks, he was able to sit unaided for a few minutes and able sit aided in his high chair that was high back with really good head control. He absolutely loved trying food and couldn’t get enough. He’s now 4 and has no allergies, no digestive problems. He’s a healthy, active little boy with a good appetite and lots of energy. My little one is 17 weeks on Monday and I haven’t even thought about weaning him yet as I personally don’t think he’s ready just yet but I will start as soon as I think he’s ready. Every baby is different and I think as his mum if you feel she’s ready then go for it. You will always get the negative comments as some people really do not agree with weaning earlier as guidelines have changed but you know her best! xx

Hey. I started mine on baby rice at 14 weeks as he was crazily hungry all the time and he’s flourishing. What about us lot when back in the day was 12 weeks. We’ve all been fine. Do what you feel best as you’re mummy and we know what our babies need the most x

I've started giving my 16 week old tiny tastes of my yogurt when I eat it etc, so she can get used to a different texture and taste. Very small amounts as she seems interested.

Hey, Guidelines recommend starting weaning at six months, as research shows that waiting until around this time gives your baby the best chance to develop the ability to handle solid foods fully. This includes purees, cereals, and baby rice mixed with milk, making it easier for your baby to feed themselves. My eldest daughter started weaning at five months because she was already drinking 220ml bottles and wanted more. She could also sit up on her own and put her hand to her mouth, showing she was ready for the next step.

I have a very good Dutch friend who I speak to regularly. In Holland, the advice by healthcare is to start weaning at 4 months! If another very successful first world country recommends 4 months then I think it’s absolutely fine. Especially if your little one is showing signs of readiness. Ours is nearly 19 weeks and in no way interested in our food yet, so I plan to wait until she takes an interest. But if yours is, I say go for it. I know people get very angry and holier than thou on this subject but guidelines change aaaaall the time and this is just the CURRENT UK guidelines. Who’s to say in a few years it won’t be different again, and people will tell us how we were wrong to wait!

I'd speak to the health visitor, mine said to me "I cannot recommend as we are not allowed to, but for a baby like Evie that's struggling so much with reflux she may do better weaning closer to the five month mark rather than the six." We haven't started yet, I'm waiting another couple of weeks, but will be starting early as per the health visitors "non advice", lol.

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