Would children’s unicorn bag associated with lgbt?

I want to buy a Eid gift for a little girl. When I asked what she would like she said unicorn. She likes bags as well so thought of a unicorn themed bag. But not sure if it’s offensive? Also because the parents a religious I don’t know if they would mind unicorns on a bag? But I did see faces on some of their toys
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Personally, I don’t see a problem with that. There’s no association with unicorns and lgbt groups. Maybe you can ask the parents if you’re concerned they might be uncomfortable with it?

@Ezgi the other thing is because faces and things are normally haraam so I’m not sure if they will be offended… but I did see toys and they did have faces so Is it similar? They do avoid clothes with faces

As far as im aware parents who avoid faces on clothes has more to do with the energy they bring while the child is sleeping so a bag could still be ok. Id probably just steer clear of the bag though just in case, only because you don’t want to gift something that might not be used. If you know they’re ok with having toys with faces maybe just opt for a large plush unicorn? Or maybe one of those plush toy bags that can be used as both a bag and toy. That way they can choose to use it both ways or just keep it as a toy ☺️

It’s best you ask them indirectly.

No my daughter is obsessed with Unicorns, she has many unicorn toys etc, but I think you’ve got that confused with the colourful rainbow that is associated with LGBT but unicorns have nothing to do with it. I guess it’s the thought that counts😇 I’d just get it anyway..

Unicorns are a well recognised symbol in LGBT culture, but that doesn't mean your niece's toy would be associated with the same. I think it would be sensible to ask the parents if they would be okay with a face/unicorn bag or other toy as ultimately they will have final say anyway. It won't ruin the surprise as that's for the neice anyway.

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